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Effective custody and child support representation

Divorce often comes with child custody and child support issues. If you're dealing with these and need an attorney to effectively represent you, choose Petrangelo Bondy & Crossley, PC. Backed by over 30 years of experience, we know how to best protect your rights as a parent while always looking out for the best interests of your child.

Family Parenting

Know that our attorneys will be there when child support needs to be revisited. Needs and finances are subject to change at any time based on circumstances, including loss or increase of income. It's important to immediately advise the court if there is a reduction in your income or if you don't have the ability to cover the expenses, so they can look into getting them adjusted.

Maintain your family's finances with child support

In most cases, it's best that the children have time with both parents. Know that we will work diligently to create a parenting schedule that will accommodate you and maximize your time with your children. Parenting time may need adjusting as other things change - such as child activities or your work schedule. Older children may have different needs.

Adequate visitation and parenting time

Our attorneys are local and our firm is locally owned. We're easy to contact and we strive to be available for you.

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